Jens Seidler

Jens Seidler 在2014年畢業於美國波士頓栢克理音樂學院,主修電影配樂。他是位靈巧而充滿創造性的丹麥作曲家。他對音樂的激情結合了其在電影配樂和廣告領域上的豐富經驗,繼而充分演示了他從古典到搖滾音樂的創作能力。他在面對具有挑戰性的項目時不僅可靠,更能在短期限和節奏快的環境中揮灑自如。他更榮獲表彰優秀音樂修養的Soren Chirstensen獎。

JENS SEIDLER graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2014, majoring in Film Scoring. Jens is a skilful and creative Danish composer, combining the passion for music and songwriting with his vast experience in film scoring and commercials. He demonstrates the ability to create music of various genres ranging from Classical to Rock. He has a solid history of live performances and studio recordings. Not only is he reliable when working with challenging projects, Jens is also comfortable working with short deadlines and in fast-paced environments. He is also the recipient of the Soren Chirstensen award in recognition of his outstanding musicianship.