Victor Kong 鄺偉勝


在馬來西亞長大的他現於美國波士頓栢克理音樂學院主修作曲和電影配樂,副修視頻遊戲配樂。他在2015年從該校電影配樂部門獲頒栢克理音樂學院的Jeromimas Kacinskas獎,並於2014年和2015年榮獲阿爾夫克勞森獎。

VICTOR KONG is a budding composer who has written a wide variety of works, some of which have been performed, recorded and read by the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Esterhazy String Quartet and the Kalistos Chamber Orchestra.

Born and raised in Malaysia, he is now an undergraduate in Berklee College of Music, majoring in Composition and Film Scoring, minoring in Video Games Scoring. He received the Jeromimas Kacinskas Award from Berklee’s Composition Department in 2014 and 2015 and Alf Clausen Award from the Film Scoring department in 2015.